So here I am busting to hear from the Parelli office about my Level 1 results.  I keep checking the mail, but nothing comes. A few weeks later the phone rings and on the phone is the Parelli instructor Philip Nye..holy dooly he is like my idol! My brain goes into overdrive, oh gosh was my Level 1 that good they are calling me, how exciting!

Philip: Hi Lee, I just thought I would give you a call about your Level 1 video, thanks so much for sending that in. I see you are only new to horses, well you are doing great for somebody that has never ridden before.

Lee: Oh wow thanks I am really pleased with how I am doing.

Philip: Well I thought it might be easiest for me to explain over the phone some of the things I thought could do with a bit of improvement.

Lee: Oh really, so I didn't pass?

Philip: No Lee, but with a bit of time I think you could definitely get to passing your Level 1.

Lee: Oh okay, so what do I need to redo? I could probably do them again this coming weekend?  (Obviously when someone says to me a 'bit of time' I think okay a week LOL)

Philip: Well Lee actually I think you might like to try again in 6 months, I wouldn't rush it, just get to some clinics and can you maybe get some private lessons?

Lee: Oh sure I can do that. So how many tasks do I need to resubmit?

Philip: Well actually I think it would be in your best interest to resubmit the lot. Just cause that way it will flow and no harm in going over things again is there.

Lee: Oh okay, well if you think so. Thanks so much for your time Philip.

Well that was a short version of our conversation, because I did torture poor Phillip with endless questions about each task and he has the patience of a saint. I don't know how he didn't burst out laughing on the phone to me.

Years later I was to show my Level 1 video at a Philip Nye clinic in Sydney. It turned out to be the Sat night entertainment for the clinic goers. It was great, I told them my thoughts as I was doing the tasks, and Philip told people what he was thinking when he was watching it for the first time. The thing was even back then at that clinic I thought I had improved heaps and that Phillip is going to be impressed with how far I have come...and while thankfully I had improved, I look back now and think oh lordy Lee what were you doing!

Till next time, keep on having fun with your horses :)



PS Photo is of Philip Nye, a truly gifted horseman.

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