So I guess I better let people know who is who so it doesn't get too confusing for those that don't know me :) Some names that will probably get mentioned a bit in my blog are my ex husband Danny (am sure he is going to be thrilled to know he will feature LOL)  and my fiance, soon to be hubby Rob, who is horrified that I am going to mention him (Rob) at all :)

I have lots of stories to share and often get told I am little to honest at times; I know most people wouldn't admit to how many mistakes they make. I hope as I grow older I am learning from these mistakes, one would hope so!

I started riding at age 25 when I got postnatal depression after having my second child Breanna. (Photo is of Breanna having fun with her horse) My brother in-law had a horse called Skip and when the doctor advised me that having some Lee time would be great for me, I thought mmm I wonder if horse riding might be a good outlet as i had done it once before...and we lived near the bush, so trail riding would be fun wouldn't it? So Anthony gave me a ride in the backyard on Skip to see if I thought I might enjoy it and I off Danny went to purchase a horse, which fast become 2 horses as we realised that I couldn't do this journey on my own.

So buying a cheap stock saddle and bridle each we were all set to have fun riding. Well after the first ride out and Danny getting dumped off Mouse and me having to work out how to catch a horse in the bush we were thinking this isn't off to a great start. We just got told that Mouse needed more riding and was just to full of energy, so Danny and Anthony would go out riding each morning and run Mouse up and down the hills, yet she still got very good at dumping Danny, including dragging him along on the tar. Anthony got told about Parelli and told us to go and watch this guy do a float loading demo, so we did. They were running a clinic with one of their instructors David Stuart at the time. Anthony kindly paid for Danny to ride in that first clinic.

Thankfully the clinic was close enough that Danny could ride over to it as we didn't have a float at the time. Well he came home after that first day so excited and really thought this is the answer to everything. On the Sunday arvo it was getting late and I took the kids for a walk up the back to see if I could see Danny coming home, worried that Mouse might have dumped him again. Well here he was riding Mouse with no bridle, just a halter and one rein...I was in awe.

So of course I thought I best be learning this stuff as well and we sure did get enthusiastic about it. We started to organise instructors to come and teach and started up an NH club so we could be with other like-minded people. I was still wondering what 'like-minded' meant but figured it meant anyone that likes horses...boy haven't I learnt some lessons about that along the way.

I had a lovely Paint gelding named Navaho that I was learning to ride on, and boy didn't I think I was going good..I mean I watched dvd's and I read Pat's book and as far as I was concerned I was ticking all the boxes. I couldn't understand why nobody else was going for their Level 1, I was like come on guys and gals lets get the video out and tape our Level 1. So I go and organise a weekend for us to tape our Level will be fun I said!

The journey will continue :) till next time :)



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