A lot of you will remember the 'old' Level One, it covered things like picking a horses feet up from the one side, bareback riding with one rein etc. Well considering I was so scared of picking up a horses feet and it was one of the first tasks in the test, I somehow convinced myself that it will be right on the day, I will just get brave!

So a lovely gentleman by the name of Tom offered to come over and help me prepare my horse, as in show me how to wash one...yep I was that new at this horse thing. So after he realised I was truly so scared of the back end of a horse and picking up feet, he proceeded to give me a lesson on how to do this. This involved him hugging me and showing me exactly where to stand and where to place my hands etc. I am sure he just wanted to hug me and this was the perfect excuse ;)

So the video camera came out and we began taping a few of the others tests and i stood there minding the children and thinking I have got this!

Well you know you really got to be careful of what you tell a person. Part of the test was catching your horse, so I go in and put the halter on while Navaho is busily chewing on grass. Mmm he won't lift his head up from the grass, oh that's right I had asked this question at a clinic and they said just kick him in the head...of course they were being sarcastic, but did I pick up on that, no! So I proceeded to tap my horses  head with my foot, I managed to get  my foot hooked in his halter and lucky for me I also managed to get it out quickly before Navaho realised..but not before they got that captured on the video!

So I pick up my horses feet, in my eyes I did a great job...in reality you see me jump back after each foot is lifted and Navaho swishes his tail and I run to the front of him.

The 7 games we give it a go, well I think we do them rather well and everyone seems to agree..but they are all grinning. I am thinking gosh they are so happy for me :)

Far out, we are now at the riding, gosh I have ridden mmm maybe 30 times if i am lucky. I could only canter up hill holding on to front of saddle, thankfully with that in  mind I had chosen to film my level one at the bottom of a hill...I was all into planning ahead :)  Well I am not sure if I can truly capture how bad the riding was in words, but if I was to say one thing that truly sticks out for me is this one task. So on bareback with one rein, you have to ask your horse to turn to the left...mmm I put out my arm, you know like superman and focus to the left and my horse turns to the right...oh darn, lets try that again, and yep Navaho proceeded to go to the right. Mmm frustrated I think I will out smart him, lets go to the right first then...Navaho goes to the left. Mmm okay well maybe they won't notice that on the video!

Oh did I mention that my dress attire is also so cowgirl! I mean when your hubby tells you that why buy riding boots, dark green gum boots are the same thing and they only cost $10 and you just go okay! Then you think mmm why buy jodhpurs when you can wear tights...oh and lets get navy ones to go in the green gumboots..that will look great! Oh lordy, why oh why did not one person say to me, hey Lee can we help you with your riding attire..but nope instead they would say things like, nice boots Lee. Gosh I really do not get this sarcasm thing, I like to think the words that come out of peoples mouths are genuine and meant with kindness...so much to learn!

I was so excited to be sending my Level 1 tape into the Parelli office, I was at the PO first thing Monday morning. Later on I was to learn that nobody else had sent theirs in, they weren't happy with how they did; not me, I was so proud.

Of course I didn't know how to edit a video..so yep I sent the entire footage in.

Till next time :)


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I miss a riding buddy like you Lee xoxoxox LOVE your story

Edith Rampa

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