Well we all have our highs and lows with horses and I guess I need to write about the lows as well as the highs and all the bits in-between.

My journey with Navaho was so very short. Sitting at home doing flowers for a lady's wedding, I was a florist at the time, it was also my birthday and there was a knock at the door and a young girl was crying and telling me my horse had just been hit by a car. I was like, no, my horse is in his paddock along with the others, I not long ago fed them. Running up the back to the paddock I was distraught to see it empty. My heart just sunk. Danny had the car, so I rushed back and grabbed the kids and got into Danny's work van and took off where the girl said she had seen the horses. Danny wasn't home, but I was to learn later that he had gotten a phone call and was already up at the main road.

 I saw all these cars and Danny holding Navaho, I was so relieved to see they had caught him. Running over I said to Danny where is Mouse and Skip (the other 2 horses), he said they were fine and in a paddock nearby. It wasn't till then that I saw the trickle of blood coming out of Navaho's nose, he was standing so I thought he was fine, then I saw all these sad faces looking at me and I looked again and realised that Navaho's shoulder was broken...I can't even put into words how I felt right then. Sadly Navaho had been hit by a car; nobody in the car was hurt and for that I am truly grateful. Navaho was laid to rest and I would have to say that day was one of the hardest days I have had to get through...cause remember I was doing flowers for a bride's  wedding, which was on the very next day...you can't let down a bride on her wedding day, and I didn't...but gosh it took all my strength and the loving support of my family to get it done. I kept worrying that all those tears I had shed on those roses would turn them brown or something, but they were beautiful.

 It turns out that some kids had decided to let the horses out, thinking they could round them up on their motorbikes, but it didn't work out how they had planned and they drove them straight through the bush out onto the main road, 2 lanes and then they would have been back into bush again, but sadly Navaho didn't make it. I know lots of people thought I should be really mad with those kids, I wasn't mad, I was sad and disappointed; we were all kids once and I have done some dumb things too...in fact I still do some dumb things now.

Of course I wanted to give up on it all, we can't own a horse in suburbia was what I kept saying and I refused to get a new horse till we had our own land. So we went and sold our 4 bedroom home that we had built ourselves and went and bought 150acres with a little 2 bedroom weekender on it, no power, toilet and shower on the verandah..3 gates, dirt road..but we had land!!

Calling the property 'Neva say Neva': life was about to get even more 'horsey'.

Till next time...

Promise to give you a laugh or two next blog ;)



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Oh Lee that is so sad ?Truly heartbreaking so proud you continued on always thinking of someone else the beautiful soul that you are. X


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