It can be hard to get started, taking action isn't an easy thing to do for many or for me...even harder if you worry about being judged. So I am going to step out of my comfort zone and stop worrying about whether my spelling or grammar will be up to standard and just dive right on in and get started :) Oh I should warn you, I do use :) a lot, I hope a lot of you will :) a long with me.

Well I thought I would start writing a blog whenever time allows and try to let you know a bit about me (Lee) and of course as Rob is a big part of my life and business you will also get to know about him a bit too :)

My business life tends to blend a lot with my personal life as with horses being a big part of both worlds it is easy for them to blend together. I get to talk to a lot of customers that I can really relate to their fears and frustrations;  and also the joy they get from what others might see as a little success, it is a huge success for that person. I hope you enjoy my stories and can laugh and sometimes cry with me. A lot of my friends would tell you, if something is going to happen, it often happens to Lee! My horsemanship journey sure has been a roller coaster ride, and it is far from over yet. I hope you enjoy reading some of my ramblings..

Till next time, keep on having fun on your journey.



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