After the lost of Navaho, Danny decided he would find me a new horse. As I wasn't really in the mood for looking, he went out and found me a gorgeous looking palamino mare named Cody. Apparently she was bomb proof, kids had been riding her and doing sporting on her, and apparently she was quite fast but she also liked to walk. So he bought her home and as I was meant to be going to a clinic in a weeks time he said he would ride her and I could ride her at the clinic for the first time :/

So here I was at another Parelli clinic with Ken Faulkner at a lovely property in Wollombi. Danny was just watching as we couldn't afford for us both to ride and it was deemed I needed the most help. Well you know we worked through the groundwork, I thought I did okay, though gumboots ain't that comfortable to walk in for a long time...yep still had those fabulous riding boots & tights :)

Well it was time to ride, so.... bareback and halter and one rein. Well, you know that thing about how you don't know what you don't know...well here goes! So I am like, 'Gosh I really struggle with that 12ft lead to ride in, why don't I just use the 6ft string and thread that through my halter and then all I have to hold is 6ft of rope? That makes so much sense.' So not even knowing if this horse has been ridden bareback...which of course I now know you probably need to check these things out before you just plonk yourself on. Well, I ain't great in front of people, and thinking how much I hate people watching me, I thought it wise that instead of doing it in front of the instructor where I could get his tuition; I would go and hide behind a huge rock & tree behind him. Mmm, yeah well, after pretty much launching myself from a rock onto my horses back and my horse kind of doing that bow in the back thing, I thought okay well I am on...I will just ride on out now where everyone can see me.

Well, you know it didn't go to plan and I honestly can't tell you what happened..other then next thing I knew I was in a gallop and in my head I was thinking, 'Okay just hang on and try and trombone down the rope..' you know how you got taught to bend...(in the meantime someone said to  Danny, ' Gosh Lee's riding has improved'. Danny: 'No way, something is wrong!' Well, I managed to get a turn but I didn't stay on for the turn. Cody went right and I just keep going straight ahead and, boy oh boy, did I hit that ground hard. Darn it!

So you know I am laying there and I am thinking, 'What is that noise?' It sounded like a stampede, but it was a stampede of people running to help me. Lordy, I was so embarrassed and so darn sore. I was like, 'Far out! This horse riding business sure is not easy'.

So, after working out that nothing was broken. Ken gave Cody to another instructor, Kay, to ride and I was to watch for the rest of the clinic. Well, that  night I slept in the back of the Range Rover with Danny. I was in so much pain. Come the morning I had stiffened up so badly that Danny and our friend, Bruce, had to pull me out by my legs out the back of the car...far out, another wonderful embarrassing Lee moment LOL

I enjoyed watching Kay and as she rode Cody in a round yard (probably where I should have been) I could see that Cody had a bit of attitude, but she was going okay.

I have to say when I got home I did go to the doctor and I had bruising so bad that the doctor wondered if I had been hit by a truck..but bruises heal, mentally however I wasn't feeling that brave about riding anymore.

Danny tried to help me by putting me on Cody and trying to lead me off Mouse out on rides. But Danny was still having issues with Mouse so it wasn't always a relaxing ride as sometimes he would have to drop the lead while he sorted out Mouse and it wasn't doing much for my confidence.

I did try with Cody, but fact was that when you are scared and you don't know much at all, it took Cody all of 5 minutes to realise I knew nothing and what started of as her saying, 'Let's go right' when I wanted to go left and me going, 'Oh okay, let's go right then'...turned into her working out she could dump me off over her shoulder..oh gosh I sure know how to train a horse NOT!

So, after yet another horrible ride, a friend happened to call up and she loved palamino's and I thought mmm wonder if she would like her: Linda bless her took Cody and really loved riding her. Linda used to tell me she was a difficult horse and that I had done well etc, but bless her, I so know that Cody was fine, the rider was the real problem.

One thing for sure though, I wasn't about to give up on this riding thing..I wanted to ride like I seen others doing with big smiles on their faces. I remember my brother in-law telling me that he felt as comfortable on a horse cantering as he did sitting on a chair watching TV. I so wanted that to be me!

Keep smiling…till next time :)


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